Deadly Premonition The Director’s Cut Review

Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut

Overall Rating: 8/10

When it first released on the Xbox 360, Deadly Premonition divided critics and gamers alike; it scored as high as 10/10 and as low as 2/10 with journalists; gamers either loved its bizarre, quirky faults or hated every aspect of the title. Three years later, Deadly Premonition makes its appearance in the United States on the PlayStation 3 with Deadly Premonition: Director’s Cut, available April 30th, 2013. Is this edition worth double-dipping for fans of the series? Will this game sway the opinions of those who hated the original version? The answer is a resounding “Yes” and an hesitant “Maybe.”


Something Old

If you hated Deadly Premonition due to the bizarre story and weird characterization, you’ll be disappointed to find out that hasn’t changed. Outside of a few new story scenes and an extended ending, Deadly Premonition’s story is still as bizarre as you remember it with no changes to the main plot whatsoever. The odd script and stilted voice acting also remain in addition to the odd sound fluctuations: one moment you’ll go from barely hearing a character’s voice to having that character’s voice become so loud it overpowers all other sounds. The PlayStation 2 quality graphics also remain in effect; even though the graphics have been upscaled, it hasn’t helped to make a difference as Deadly Premontion looks as low budget as ever. However, the technical issues and graphical fidelity are part of the game’s charm, in an odd sort of way, and you get used to them as the game progresses.


Something New

Where the game earns its “Directors Cut” tag is in the gameplay department. All difficulty options have been removed and the game is permanently set to Easy Mode; while gamers looking for a challenge may be disappointed, the combat always felt like an afterthought, so this is a welcome change. The controls and camera systems have been overhauled, making combat far easier in the Director’s Cut than the original. This also has the side effect of making driving your car somewhat tolerable instead of a headache. The Director’s Cut also takes advantage of PlayStation 3 specific features, such as PlayStation Move support and stereoscopic 3D, for gamers with access to the appropriate accessories or devices.


Buy It / Rent It / Forget It:

If you were a fan of Deadly Premonition and you’re eager to relive the experience or view the new scenes, the game is absolutely worth a BUY. Likewise, if you’re a newcomer to the series, the Director’s Cut is the best version available. If you hated the original, purchasing the game depends on what you hated: the controls or the story? If the controls kept you away from the original, the Director’s Cut is your chance to dive right in. If the story wasn’t your cup of coffee, you’d do well to continue avoiding this game.

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